Do it like a woman // Women’s International Day

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Tem-se falado imenso acerca do feminismo mas por vezes ainda encontramos dificuldades em entender o conceito. No Dia Internacional da Mulher é importante relembrar porque estamos agora, mais que nunca, a lutar por um mundo de igualdade. É importante falar sobre todos os significados errados que continuamos a atribuir a esta luta. O feminismo não é sobre ser melhor que os homens, muito menos sobre ser igual a eles. O feminismo pretende, apesar das diferenças entre sexos, ter as mesmas oportunidades, direitos e ainda deveres. É sobre situações em que duas pessoas na mesma posição profissional possam receberem o mesmo ordenado, independentemente do género, é sobre as mulheres não serem sexualizadas em circunstâncias em que nenhum homem seria e é sobre dar o mesmo crédito a uma mulher, aquando uma conquista, que sempre demos aos homens. Independentemente da cor de pele, orientação sexual, raça ou preferências, as mulheres procuram, não mais não menos, mas o mesmo tratamento e oportunidades que qualquer homem.

Lutamos para um mundo de entre ajuda, onde possamos crescer juntos, sem julgamentos apesar da diferença de escolhas. O feminismo luta ainda pela percepção clara de que qualquer mulher tem total controlo e liberdade para escolher o que pretende fazer com o seu corpo, carreira profissional ou vida em geral. Enquanto mulheres devemos respeitar essa liberdade e espaço. Quanto aos homens, estes devem perceber que se trabalharmos em conjunto saímos todos a ganhar.

“Feminista: alguém que acredita numa igualdade social, politica e económica entre os sexos!”

We’ve been talking a lot about feminism but sometimes we still find it difficult to understand the concept. On this International Women’s day it’s important to remember why are we fighting now, more than ever, for a world of equality. It’s important to talk about all the wrong meanings people keep attributing to it. Feminism is not about being better than men and it’s not (for sure) about being LIKE MEN. It’s about having equal oportunities, equal rights and equal duties aswell, despite the differences between both sexes . It’s about similar paychecks when working on similar profissional positions, it’s about women not being sexualized in situations where a man would never be sexualized, it’s about giving the same credits to women when they achieve something like it has always been done with men. Despite skin color, sexual orientation, race or preferences, women all around the world deserve not more or less, but the same treatment and opportunities than any man. 

We’re fighting for a world where we can help each other, where we can grow together, without judging despite any difference. Feminism fights aswell  for the perception that any woman has total control and freedom over all the choices about her body, career or life path in general. As women we should honor and respect that freedom and space. And men should understand that if we work together we’ll all win. 

“FEMINIST: a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes!”

Eleanor Roosevelt -  The first First Lady to take on responsibilities beyond merely hosting and entertaining in the White House. Marlene Dietrich -  The Hollywood actress wore trousers and men's suits during a time where it was considered extremely scandalous and taboo Coco Chanel - Chanel made huge changes in fashion, wearing pants, and helping liberate women through her creations. Gloria Steinem - Gloria Steinem led the women's liberation movements throughout the '60s and '70s Coretta Scott King -  Helped found National Organization of Women and is known for her work with Civil Rights. Yoko Ono - One of the greatest voices for gender equality, and her essay "The Feminization of Society" helped mark the female revolution of the '70s. Madonna - The pop singer helped to break gender stereotypes with her music and perfomances. Malala Yousafzai - Malala travels around the world fighting for education rights for women and children. Beyoncé - The singer brought the feminism to modern day culture, and is a feminism movment activist. Emma Watson - The actress launched #HeForShe, has her own feminist book club and is a feminism movment activist.
Yoko Ono - One of the greatest voices for gender equality, and her essay "The Feminization of Society" helped mark the female revolution of the '70s.

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